Embrace the A24 Vibe: Must-Have Merchandise Selection

As a fan of A24 films, you understand the unique and captivating vibe that the production company brings to every project. From indie darlings like Lady Bird and Moonlight to critically acclaimed hits like Uncut Gems and Midsommar, A24 has cemented itself as an innovative force in the film industry.

And now, with their new line of merchandise featuring some of their most iconic and beloved films, fans can take a piece of that A24 magic home with them. From clothing to home decor items, here are some must-have items for any fan looking to fully embrace the A24 vibe.

1. The “A” Hat – This simple yet stylish hat features the iconic “A” logo from A24 store on a black baseball cap. Perfect for everyday wear or as a statement piece at an indie film festival.

2. Midsommar Flower Mug – For fans of Ari Aster’s haunting cult horror film Midsommar, this beautiful mug is adorned with flowers similar to those used in the movie’s twisted rituals.

3. Eighth Grade T-Shirt – Show your love for writer-director Bo Burnham’s coming-of-age masterpiece with this bold t-shirt featuring one of its most memorable lines: “We’ll try again tomorrow.”

4. Uncut Gems Pendant Necklace – If you’re feeling lucky (or just want something flashy), grab yourself a necklace inspired by Adam Sandler’s character Howard Ratner’s prized opal from Uncut Gems.

5. Saint Frances Tote Bag – This charming tote bag features artwork from Kelly O’Sullivan’s award-winning dramedy Saint Frances, making it perfect for carrying your essentials while showing off your love for underrated independent cinema.

6. Moonlight Candle Set – Light up your room (and set the mood) with this soy wax candle set inspired by Barry Jenkins’ Oscar-winning drama Moonlight and its three chapters: Little, Chiron, and Black.

7. Lady Bird or Frances Ha Poster – Add some visual appeal to your walls with a stunning poster from either Greta Gerwig’s beloved coming-of-age films, Lady Bird or Frances Ha.

8. Hereditary Throw Blanket – Cozy up while watching Ari Aster’s unsettling horror film Hereditary with this comfy throw blanket featuring artwork inspired by the movie’s chilling climax.

Embracing the A24 vibe means immersing yourself in a world of unique and thought-provoking storytelling. And with these must-have merchandise items, you can continue to feel connected to your favorite A24 films long after the credits have rolled.

Whether you’re a fan of their more popular titles or seeking out hidden gems, there is something for everyone in A24’s merchandise selection. So go ahead and treat yourself (or fellow A24 fan) to some one-of-a-kind items that celebrate the creativity and impact of this groundbreaking production company.